Surroudings, Cerezales del Condado

The Nativity

Cerezales del Condado


One of the most eagerly-awaited and well-known nativity scenes in the province. It is well-known for its size and composition. 86m2 of nativity, in which 52 motors give movement to Baby Jesus, figurines, animals and peasants accompanied by waterfalls. It’s an attraction for the province with a large platform on which thousands of tiny details can be observed.

Tel: +34 686 45 87 96

El Belén de Cerezales

Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia (FCAyC)

Cerezales del Condado


Since December 2008, it has been showcasing its activities through exhibitions, concerts, workshops, seminars, in-house residence projects, own productions, co-productions with other institutions and agents, festivals, trips, hikes, study-related environmental awareness projects and activities of all kinds of formats relating to this particular area of knowledge.

Tel: 987 34 21 84 - Web:

Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia

La Cantina

Cerezales del Condado


Ultramarinos – Bar. Stop by the Cantina to enjoy an excellent coffee, a beer or something a little stronger. A very stylish bar.

Tel: 987 34 22 20

Bar Cantina

Surroundings, Cerezales del Condado

Restaurants and shops


Barrrio de Nuestra Señora

Restaurant - Bar

El Curueño is an ideal place in which to enjoy the delicious local and traditional cuisine. As well as a daily specials menu, there is an extensive menu, excellent starters, roasted fare and desserts.

Tel.: 987 34 20 26

La Praillona



Over 25 years offering a broad selection of gastronomy, with traditionally-elaborated dishes from the mountains of León.

The most popular dish is chicken with ????

Tel.: 987 73 58 10 - Web:

El Negrillón


Butcher shop

Traditional shop selling food, with a specialty in cured meats and typical products from León.

Tel.: 618 74 52 50 - Web:


Barrillos de Curueño

Artisan cheese

At Zarandiel, different types of artisan cheeses are elaborated using milk from their own goats, who graze each day in the fields of the Valley of Curueño.

Tel.: 678 083 667 - Web: